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Payport UK Corporate account is an e-wallet for business – simple, efficient & FCA compliant.

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Why a PAYPORT UK e-Wallet?

Managing your company’s money and processing transactions can be cumbersome, with complicated procedures that may even require you to open an account in person.

That’s why PAYPORT UK is at your service with our complete e-Wallet solution. Escape inconvenience with our easy account opening process and manage your transactions with our user-friendly web interface. Instead of waiting weeks for approval, PAYPORT UK can have your business up and running within days.

A single account for all your corporate transactional needs

A PAYPORT UK corporate account, provides you with access to multiple in/out payment channels, cross-border transactions, useful mobile & web interfaces and powerful statistical instruments & reports – allowing you to analyse your funds & support the transparency & predictability of your business.

Send or receive payments online

Unique IBAN for every account on demand

24/7 access to your account

Confidential and

Express international transfers


Accepting payments on your website

Get even more. Apply for a Merchant account and you will be able to accept card payments for goods and services on your website or via mobile application. Increase your sales and conversion with PAYPORT UK Merchant account. We provide you with the simple API and useful web panel.

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Try an easy way  to pay individuals

Send money to your employees or other individuals even if they don’t have a PAYPORT UK Personal account yet. Just provide their phone number or an e-mail and we will send a special registration link. As soon as an individual completes the registration, he'll get the money*.

*subject to due diligence procedures.

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4 Steps to your PAYPORT UK account


Pre-approval form

Submit pre-approval form and we get in touch within 24 hours.


Eligibility Criteria

We will assess during the application process whether you meet the PAYPORT UK eligibility criteria.


PAYPORT UK Due Diligence

By completing the account application form it allows us to undertake KYC/AML and Financial Crime Review.


PAYPORT UK account opening

We establish your account and provide you with access via web interface.

Account properties

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